Who we are

Ecclesian works with ultra-high net worth individuals and companies to identify and qualify investment opportunities in emerging markets.

Ecclesian is a founder-led business owned and run by Angus Jackson OBE. Angus has built an exceptional network of personal contacts and local partners across a range of markets, over many years. Through these relationships and strategic communication, Ecclesian provides powerful insights beyond data, that mitigate economic and political risks.

Ecclesian’s depth of experience helps you make accurate decisions quickly.

Clarity in Complexity

Opportunities and rationale for working in emerging markets are growing and well understood. Understanding the challenges and nuances of these markets and deciding which to focus on, is often deeply complex and off-putting. By establishing a symbiotic narrative between disparate groups, Ecclesian provides a clear understanding of risk and reward for clients.

We work in the following way:

  • Tailor our approach to meet investors’ exact requirements, dovetailing with the strongest in-market relationships
  • Engage with local partners to evaluate risks to success and present a clear and balanced recommendation
  • Provide ongoing support through to implementation

Our international experience makes complex situations easy to handle.

Valued local partners

We have always recognised that those with the richest insights are those who are living and breathing their markets. This experience and knowledge, in combination with Angus’ ability to unravel the complexity of cultural, social, political and economic risks, provides insight far beyond the reach of data. 

At Ecclesian we focus on establishing long-term enduring relationships, both with our clients and our partners. The strongest connections within our network go back many years and we are always seeking new partnerships.